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Outfit of the Day + Makeup of the Day

Well, I didn't do much today other than laying around, and couldn't come up with a good blog idea, so I've just decided to do an outfit of the day + makeup of the day post. Tomorrow I will do a quick review of the book I've been reading, because I'm just about to finish it. So, here is today's outfit and makeup.

 So, this is what I chose out last night. The pink top is Talula from Aritzia. It's currently on sale for $9.99. The jeans I got second hand, but originally bought in Paris. And the black sweater is from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Here is what I actually wore. Since I was chilling at home all day, I opted for my Classic Roots sweatpants instead. They are the comfiest/warmest sweatpants I have ever owned. They are currently $64.00. I put my hair in a simple bun using bobby pins, using my Batiste dry shampoo on my roots and my Aussie flexible hold hair spray to keep it up.

I also wore this pretty number which I bought from H&M.

As well as this 'Paradise' ring which I got second hand.

I used most of the same makeup I used yesterday (concealer, foundation, powder...) but used this Lise Watier eye shadow quad and this Revlon Lash Potion mascara.

To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of this palette. However, I love the gold-esque shade in the bottom right corner, bottom shade in the swatches.

This mascara is mediocre, not my favourite, but not bad, which I really only picked up because of it's pretty packaging. I usually use two coats of mascara, but as it turns out, it gets really cakey after more than one coat. One is enough. If you're looking for volume and length, and aren't too worried about clumps, this is your friend. However, I prefer a mascara that not only lengthens my lashes, but divides each of my individual lashes.

I also used this smash box shimmery nude lip gloss that I got as a sample. The colour is 'Illume'. It is quite a nice gloss that isn't sticky, but a bit gritty due to the glitter, which I don't necessarily mind.

And that's all for today! I can't wait until I get hired and am able to afford new makeup products so I can do reviews! I haven't bought too many new products recently, so I unfortunately don't have much to show. Anyways, talk to you tomorrow about The Bling Ring!


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