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Fall/Winter Lippies!

Hello everyone! Today I will be writing about my favourite fall lipsticks (so far!) that will also last me into the winter. I have never ventured too far away from a nude/pink lip before, so my dark lipstick choices of the season are very much an experimentation and so far I'm loving it! I thought with my pale skin I could never pull off a dark lip, but with some searching, I have managed to find quite a few lipsticks that work well with my skin tone! Now, onto the products!

The first two products I'm going to feature are Mac products. This one was my first Mac lipstick purchase and therefore holds a special place in my heart. Kittenish is a PatentPolish Lip Pencil, and is very similar to all of the various lip pencils out there at the moment. It is a Mauve-ish blue toned pink colour, with a glossy finish and feels really nice on the lips. It's not quite a nude, but not quite a bold lip either, so is good for when I want to go for a casual lip with a bit of pop. 


This lipstick was my first Mac bullet lip product, and I had specifically been looking for a pinky nude colour, that was my-lip-colour-but-better. This very nearly matches my exact lip colour, but gives me lips a pop that just a clear gloss or lip balm doesn't give. The product is lustre formula "Shy Shine". I haven't really heard about this particular colour at all in the beauty blogging world, but I quite like it. It is very glossy as it is a lustre, and doesn't dry my lips out at all, and can often go on without a balm underneath. Definitely a must have year round for me.

My last four products are all Rimmel London, and I'm sorry for the little variety, but really, Mac is my staple high end brand for lip products, and Rimmel London makes my favourite lipsticks, and is definitely a penny saver. This first Rimmel London lippy is a Kate Moss edition lipstick which is just simply "01". It is a very basic bold red lip colour that looks very flattering on my lips. I have quite a hard time finding reds that work with my skin tone, so I was very happy to find this one!


This second Rimmel London lipstick is currently one of my favourite colour schemes. Sort of alone the lines with Mac Kittenish, it's a deep mauve-ish blue toned pink. For whatever reason this and the lipstick I'll be discussing next just look absolutely gorgeous and complementary with my skin tone, and putting this on just makes my morning feel complete and makes me feel like I can take on the world. This colour is "136 Ballistic" and I definitely recommend this, I will be wearing it so much this fall and winter!


This Rimmel London lipstick "123 True Vintage" is my abosolute favourite holy grail lipstick. It is yet another blue toned deep mauve-y pink lipstick but with less red tones than the last. This is just the perfect colour for my skin tone and just makes me feel so happy to wear.


My final lipstick that I'm loving for fall is this Rimmel London lipstick in "124 Bordeaux". This is a dark vampy red lipstick that is a staple in any girls fall makeup collection. I had seen Arden Rose on YouTube posting photos of herself wearing a very similar colour on Instagram, and knew I had to find my perfect dark red lipstick, and this is my chosen one.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these lipsticks and what your favourites are this far! I'm loving experimenting with darker, bolder lips, so if you have any recommendation please leave them down below! :)

For a little something extra, here's what I've been jamming to while writing this post. :)



  1. Balistic and Bordeaux are lovely shades of red! I love red lipsticks. I should really wear them more!


    1. I especially Love Bordeaux! You definitely should, it's the perfect time of year to experiment with red lipstick!

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