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Review: Rimmel London BB Cream

Hello! I meant for this post to go up last night, but I had forgotten to take some of the photos, and I figured taking the photos in daylight might be better for you guys anyways.

So, today I will be reviewing the Rimmel London BB cream or 'Beauty Balm'. Taken from the Rimmel London UK website, it is "Rimmel's 1st 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup." It is supposed to "prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smoothe, mattify, brighten, and help protect." It is a "Lightweight, ultra comfortable formula (that) instantly gives a flawless, 100% natural finish" and has an "SPF 25."

A few more pictures:

I bought this quite awhile ago, but recently just decided to give it another go, as I don't like putting heavy amounts of makeup on my face every day, but I'm having really bad breakouts, so I need something to cover up the mess that is currently my natural face, without being heavy and over the top. 

I personally really love this particular BB cream. I think the thing I love most about it, is that although my skin is prone to becoming really oily in my t zone after a few hours of makeup on, this, paired with my Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder, rarely lets those oils through. The BB cream sits all day, and I only very rarely need to put a few more pats of powder on to absorb the oil. Most of the bases I've used have never done that before, so I am definitely please about that.

Speaking to it's 9-in-1 claims, I feel it doesn't speak to all nine claims, at least for me. I haven't used it as a primer, however, I'm sure it would work well as a primer, especially with it's ability to block oils, which would make your makeup stay put throughout the day. It does moisturize, and I usually skip out on moisturizer if I will be using this, because it ends up becoming an unnecessary step. It does minimize the look of your pores, however, this is only when wearing it - it doesn't, over the long run, minimize your pores, at least for my stubborn large pores. I definitely wouldn't say it conceals. I always need to use my concealer over top, and has low coverage, so if you have dark acne scars like myself, it will not conceal those. It does cover nicely, and leaves your face looking the same colour all over. It definitely smoothes your skin, but doesn't necessarily mattify or brighten your skin. You do get a slight glow, and the product isn't glowy, and therefore relatively matte, but you will definitely need to use a powder or highlighter if you want really bright matte skin. It has SPF 25, so it does help protect your skin from the suns harmful rays, which is a plus! It's really natural, and looks great on my skin!

Personally, I am very impressed. It's a very light weight, natural BB cream, that leaves my skin hydrated, and prevents oils! I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future!

This is what my makeup looked like today with it on!:

One down side: It only comes in two shades, light and medium, and luckily light ended up matching my skin, so you may have trouble finding a shade that suits your needs!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Have you tried this BB cream? What were your thoughts? What is your favourite drugstore BB cream?


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  1. This is my favourite BB Cream, my skin looks so good after I apply it.

  2. Babe! I adore your blog soo much!! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin' :-).. Hope you can follow back!



    1. Definitely going to follow back! Love your blog too! You're gorgeous!

  3. I have this BB Cream, I think it's great too! x