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Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hello everyone. Today I (finally) did my nails again, and I decided to use the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 510 Mod About You that I got for Christmas! I had already used the other one I got for Christmas, and was moderately pleased, so I decided to put these guys on today. I think my favourite part about these, is that you don't have to wait for anything to dry. I don't have a hundred hours to do my nails every time I want to do them, so these come in handy when I don't have the patience to wait for my nail polish to dry. I thought the pattern of these ones was particularly cute and right up my alley. Super girly, and yet very edgy. When I used them last, however, I found they didn't last very long, but I also hadn't had experience with nail decals yet, and so probably didn't apply them as effectively as I could have. I have added my Borghese top coat over top of them, and so I'll get back to you guys on whether they really do last ten days as promised on the packaging!

Inside you get a wooden cuticle pusher as well as a cute miniature nail file/polisher. And the stickers come packaged for each hand.

You get I believe you get eight decals per hand, so you can choose which ones perfectly fit each of your fingers. However, I find my pinky finger to be too large for the smallest, and too small for the next size up, but I always use the smallest, and you can't tell that it doesn't fit perfectly.

And this is the finished product! I am quite pleased, so now to see how long they last! I would definitely recommend them, because you get the sort of effect you couldn't normally get with polish, which is super cool! You can find them here for $8.50 at Walmart.

Also, excuse the bedding.... I was doing my nails while my boyfriend was playing Paper Mario so that is actually his bedding!

That is all! Talk to you tomorrow! I'm probably going to be doing a review of one of my favourite lip products... The L'Oreal Colour Riche balms!


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