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Battle of the Dry Shampoos: Julep vs Batiste

Okay guys, I am the worst blogger ever, I skipped out on two days of blogging, and now I'm not even doing what I promised! Don't hate, this girl needs to find a job! Seriously, I am eventually going to run out of things to talk about if I can't feed my newly found makeup, beauty and fashion obsession! I have been busy trying to piece together boyfriend bits, and trying to find a job in January which seems to be impossible, so I have been busy! But, I am back with a post today, and decided to talk about the two dry shampoos I own - Batiste Dry Shampoo (Original) and Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo. I personally started using dry shampoo because my hair gets super oily really quickly, and I wanted to start showering every second night so I could take better care of my hair. And since using dry shampoo, my hair does seem a lot thicker and fuller, and quite a bit healthier as I'm not constantly stripping it with regular shampoo! So, onto the dry shampoos!

I am going to talk about Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo, because it was the first one I purchased. When I got this, my first reaction was 'Alright! An invisible dry shampoo!', and then I used it, and was a bit disappointed. I found it left my hair feeling almost too clean. The texture of my hair just felt... odd. So I used it on the days that I really needed it, but usually still wore my hair in a bun or some other hairstyle that hid my most of my hair. Then I bought Batiste and put this away for quite awhile. However, I decided to give it another go awhile ago, and I have a new found love for it. One, the invisible part is a plus. I don't have to spend five minutes trying to brush out powder which is a bonus. And although it leave my hair feeling a bit "too clean" still, it looks fine, and I can back-comb my hair to give it a bit of texture due to the lack lustre look of my hair after using it. I also love the smell, which is a huge plus.

I bought the Original Scent Batiste Dry Shampoo mainly because of the amount of praise it has received, but also because my alma mater's drug store had it stocked. (Well, this was the last bottle of it.) It has it's pros and cons. but overall, it did live up to my expectations. I love that it gives my hair a bit of texture and volume, and I often use it the morning after a shower when styling for a bit of extra oomph. It also makes me hair feel a bit healthier, which is nice. However, if I'm not careful, I get way too much powder in my hair, and I end up having to wet my hair a bit to desperately try to remove my new full head of grey hair. Overall, however, it does a nice job of removing the extra oil in my hair in between showers, and when I'm in a rush. I am almost out of this one, so I will definitely be purchasing another once I starting ringing in the $$$.

So, overall, I like them both, and they both serve me for different uses. Personally, if you want to keep your hair up on your in between days, and you'd rather a non-powdery dry shampoo, choose the Julep. However, if you can cope with the powder formula, and you want some extra texture, and the ability to wear your hair down, choose Batiste.

If I were to narrow it down to my favourite, I would have to go with Batiste. Really, I'm not that disturbed by the powdery formula, and it really does more for my hair than the Julep.

The Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo can be purchased on the Julep site for $22 or $17.50 for Mavens here.
The Batiste Dry Shampoo (Original) can be purchased on Amazon for $8.19 here.

Have you tried either of these dry shampoos? What were your thoughts? Any dry shampoo recommendations?


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