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Review: Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes & Sephora Loot!

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing my Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes, specifically the pink grapefruit ones. And then I will be sharing my Sephora loot that I ordered, which I blogged about here. I didn't want to wait until the weekend, because I was too excited to share! So first we will begin with the Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes!

So, I picked these wipes up in the drug store because I needed something quick and easy to take off my makeup when I'm too lazy to go through my whole night skin care shebang. They are oil-free and made for acne-prone skin, so I thought these would be terrific for my skin. However, I was less than satisfied with these wipes. Firstly, the grapefruit scent is extremely perfumey, and makes me choke a bit when I use them. As well, I find they burn my skin, but not in a getting-all-the-dirt-out way, just an irritation to the skin. However, they do get the job done, and so since I have been broke the past little while, I have put up with them until now. Perhaps maybe if I had gotten plain wipes and not grapefruit or ones for combination skin it may have been different, but I was underwhelmed by these wipes. However, my Korres one arrived in my Sephora loot today, so I will be putting these aside for the time being!

Any facial wipes you would recommend? Have you tried any Neutrogena wipes in the past?

And now onto my Sephora loot!

I had to get four separate orders due to my four individual prepaid visa's, but that made it more exciting! I had four packages to open!

Here is all the loot on the table!

 Each of the boxes came with an envelope which had eight postcards with samples of perfume on the back! I've been itching to start being a penpal with someone, so these might come in handy! (Any takers?) They are the top selling scents at Sephora including my most wanted perfume of the moment - Prada Candy L'Eau!

 Next I got the Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing & Make-up Removing Wipes for Face and Eyes, meant for normal to dry skin. Because of the skin sensitivity issues I was discussing earlier, I thought these would be especially suitable for me, because they sound as though they will be especially gentle on my skin! I'm hoping that despite my skin being combination that they will still get the job done!

 These are two free samples that I didn't order! I was so excited that I got a few extra samples! The one on the left is the PhytoSpecific Moisturizing Styling Cream with Quinoa oil. It's meant for ultra-dry hair, but I will still give it a chance after my next shower before curling my hair and let you know what I think!
The one of the right is the Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector. I am SUPER excited to try this product, and should I love it, I will definitely be purchasing it! I love Clinique and already own an eye serum that works wonder at removing my under eye puffiness, so I am expecting great results from this!

Next I got four(!) free samples of the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, and can you believe I've never tried this?! I don't normally go for body butters, and I have relatively normal skin on my arms and legs, but I will definitely be giving this a try, and I LOVE Soap & Glory products, so I'm excited to try it out!

 Next I got three perfume samples. I got Gucci Guilty Black, which I've already sampled and LOVED, and two of the La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. I'm not normally a Lancome fan per se, but it sounds really girly, so I'm hoping it smells great!

 Then I got five Ole Henrikson samples total, and I'm not sure how I managed to get five in total, but I'm not complaining! I've heard lots of great things about Ole Henrikson products, so I'm looking forward to trying these two! The orange packaged one is the truth serum collagen booster which is a 'potent vitamin C complex to brighten. smooth and help the appearance of aging'. The pink packaged one is the express the truth cream that is 'a creme that helps fight the look of wrinkles with african red tea and vitamin C'.

 The two nail polishes I got are the Ciate mini mineral effect in Rose Quartz and the Nails Inc. special effects sprinkles nail polish in pudding lane. They look like perfect spring colours, so I'm excited to try them!

 This is the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 for combination/oily skin, and is the product I was most looking forward to! It's a toner, and my skin care routine currently lacks a toner so I'm excited to see the difference it makes to my skin!

I got two face cleansing products, which I am also excited to try. On the left is the Sephora brand Purifying cleansing gel perfectly clean. I've heard lots of great things about gel cleansers, so I'm looking forward to using it! And finally, I got the Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with orange extract. Although I need an exfoliant that isn't "gentle", I'm still looking forward to what this will do for my skin!

Anyways, that is all. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you tried any of these products before? What were your thoughts?

Talk to you tomorrow!


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