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Manicure Monday feat. Tuesday

So, I've decided to hop on the "Manicure Monday" train, but a day too late, so Manicure Monday will take place today! I think it'll really help me to keep up with my nails and try something new every once in awhile.

First I used my Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail cream to prep my hands and my nails. I find when you rub this cream into your nails, it leaves your nails feeling a lot healthier and stronger. You can find it here for $5 regularly $10.

These were the three products I used. First I used my Essie Millionails which makes my nails nice and tough and completely reduces breakage. If you click the links it is currently $10 on the Essie site. Then I used my Essie Aruba Blue nail laquer followed by the Borghese Presto Top Coat currently $4.99 on Amazon. The Aruba blue is described as a "frosty sapphire blue".

I apologize for the cruddy nail polish job, but I currently don't have any q tips to clean the edges of my nails, nor am I very good at painting my nails, my hands are not steady at all. However, hopefully this gives you somewhat of an idea of the colour. I don't think it goes very well with my skin tone, however, I do think it is a beautiful wintery colour, especially with -30 degree celcius weather outside. It's a shiny coat with a shimmery finish.

Here's the bottle for a little look-see.

And the colour.

Well, that's all for Mani Monday, but I thought I would share the candle I am currently burning as well.

It's "Cinnamon Frosting" from Bath & Body Works. It's the smallest size. I actually bought it because it was buy 3 get 3 free and I only have 5 candles so I grabbed the smallest size of this thinking "I probably won't like it, but I'll give a sweeter scent a go". I instantly fell in LOVE with this scent when I first started burning it. But when I went back, they had already stopped carrying it! I was so disappointed, and it will probably be finished burning by the end of the night. Anyways, this candle is what made me realize my affinity for sweeter smelling candles, and if you can ever get your hands on this candle I recommend it for sure!

Well, that's all for tonight! I'll talk to you tomorrow, and if you want OOTD's please follow me on Instagram!


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