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Christmas Break Trip!

Hello! So I am finally posting the pictures from my Christmas excursions! This will also (hopefully) be the last post with cell phone pictures, because I now have a camera to take photos with!

So, over Christmas break, I went up North to spend a week with my boyfriend's family, so here are some photos from the trip. I will be doing a room tour type post tomorrow because I have finished unpacking, so look forward to that!

So, this was on the trip to the airport. Seems Canada is living up to it's reputation as a snow haven this year. Also, you can see the ice on the trees from the awful and luckily brief ice storm we had.

Typical Canadian, always needing Tim Hortons. (#coffee)

This really cool water tank with plastic square boxes was in the airport. I was intrigued.

And one with me for good measure ;)

Well, my boyfriend's family has 5 cats. Two of which are kittens. This is "Mrs." I honestly could not stop cuddling with her, she is adorable.

My weakness. I spent too much time eating leftover Halloween peanut butter cups and drinking vodka sprites. Christmas weight gain is definitely a burden.

I spent lots of time drinking tea, especially because they had these adorable coffee mugs. Must get my hands on some.

Yep. I visited the -35 degree North alright.

This is Oscar, or Ozzy (or Ozzy Osbourne which is what I liked to call him). He's really fat, really cute, and kept my feet warm at night :)

This was "Mr." I think I held him twice. He was a shy one. This is also the master bedroom.

And this is Wilson. He looks like a very furry version of my cat. I didn't get a good picture of their cat Richard, but maybe next time.

And then I took a whole bunch of photos of the airplane ride back, so here is a conglomeration of those.

I wish I had of managed to take more photos, but I mostly spent the whole week sleeping, eating, playing Sims which my boyfriend got me for Christmas, and getting my Smart Serve qualification so that I can hopefully work in a restaurant between now and when I go back to school two September's from now.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this and I promise I will post more often now that I'm all settled! Talk to you tomorrow.


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