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2014 New Years Resolutions

To be honest, I couldn't think of a better blog post to do today so I settled on my 2014 New Years Resolutions. I never really make resolutions. I think they're kind of corny, and not something that people usually stick to. But since moving I have wanted to start doing quite a bit of things more regularly to get into a routine, and since it's the New Year, they may as well become my Resolutions.

Make This Year Better Than Last

Each year I make this resolution, which is really quite simple. Make this year better than last year. I've had quite a few struggles over the years that have made enjoying myself and others almost nearly impossible, and so now that I'm recovering and making my way into adulthood, my goals are to improve each year and make it better than the last.

Skincare & Teeth

I never thought skincare was really important until about a year ago, but have never really stuck to a skincare routine, nor have I yet found what really works for my skin. So, now that I have discovered that I have combination to oily skin and have post-adolescent acne (help!), I want to stick to a skin care routine every day, morning and night, and discover products that work for me. Along the same lines is brushing my teeth twice a day. I've never really been a good tooth brusher, because I was blessed with never having cavities and pretty solid teeth. However, they are now getting yellower and yellower as I'm getting older, so I need to start taking care of my teeth!

8 Hours Sleep (And No More!)

I would sleep all day every day if I could, and that's a problem. So I need to stick to getting 8 hrs sleep per night and not going over. I need to train my body into this routine. So far I am failing, but it's really important to me to make this work.

Avoid Social Anxiety

I've always been shy, but over the past year or two my shyness has turned into a horrible sort of social anxiety. I worry constantly, I'm incredibly nervous and tense around people I don't know, and can't usually find the appropriate words to say, so I end up just having verbal diarrhea all over the person or barely being able to say anything. And I really want to work on improving this. I'm not yet sure how to do this, but I definitely don't want it to get any worse than it currently is!

'Get Skinneh'

That is the phrase I wrote in my journal. I lost 32 lbs over the 2012 year, and then gained 10 lbs in just over a month. I really need to get back into the gym once I get a job, and try and control my eating again, so I am not hugely overeating like I was in December. (In my defense, I did have a lot going on, and eating made me feel happy, and as much as it's a poor coping mechanism, it really helped in the moment.)

And that's all! Talk to you all tomorrow. I may be a little different tomorrow and upload a youtube video!


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  1. Re: gaining 10 pounds in a month, I feel you bro. I think my total weight loss tally for last year was about 20lbs but as soon as it became holiday time (basically Thanksgiving to now) I went totally insane and ate ALL the things and gained almost 10 of those pounds back like you. But I did read some posts on tumblr that made me feel a bit better about it being water weight and that it goes quickly once you get back into your routine. So get back into dat routine!

    Also I love that everybody's resolutions are always "sleep more" or "get a full 8 hrs!" and yours is sleep less!