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Walking Downtown and Mini Haul

Today marks two days until I move! Since I'm going to miss downtown and many of the shops in the city I live right now, I wanted to go explore a bit downtown, but I also needed to do a few errands as well. So, I took some pictures on my adventures so here they are!

Today I attempted a fishtail braid for the first time. My hair is a bit too short so it's difficult to do, but it was okay for my first attempt!

Today I'm wearing a top from Urban Outfitters that I got second hand. My university has a facebook group where students sell their clothes, and being university students, they are usually good quality brand name clothes. I bought so much the past little while to take advantage of it, as I've graduated now!

Here is my overall makeup/hair look today, featuring a headband also from Urban Outfitters.

And here is my kitty! :3

This was me all bundled up and waiting for the bus. I'm wearing a scarf from Eclipse, a second hand sparkly hat, and my garage winter coat.

This was shortly after I got off the bus. My phone made the photos a bit wonky when I took them while I was walking, but I thought you might want to see a bit of downtown.

Next onto the main street downtown, and in the top left you can see Starbucks which was my first pit stop.

I settled on a tall skinny peppermint mocha which is my absolute favourite Starbucks drink!

I then had to drop off a prescription at the drug store, so I of course made a trip down the beauty aisles!

Stopped, admired, and bought an item from this Soap & Glory display. I'll be including a youtube video at the end wear I show off all of the items I bought today, and included the product name and their websites in the About section.

Then I was off to go to the shops!

This picture is really bizarre, but oddly awesome. You can see Urban Outfitters which was my next stop.

The Urban Outfitters downtown is quite large, and honestly, I am really going to miss it. I bought a few more expensive items there, which will also be included in the youtube video, because it will be awhile till I can go again!

I then started walking up a bit more which included stopping by Three Boutique which is a unique boutique in my town, which is unfortunately closing.

There's also an American Apparel, which I bought quite a few items from not too long ago. Spent way more than I should have!
And a Lululemon, which is wear I bought my leggings which I wear nearly every day.

Just a quick glimpse of downtown. You can't really see it, but on the right hand side, there is a little (very little) restaurant called Little Saigon which is an amazing yet really inexpensive thai food place, which I haven't eaten from since my friend left for Toronto this past summer!

The buildings and apartments above the shops are actually quite nice.

Here is Roots and David's Tea.

I went to David's Tea and purchased some of my favourite tea because I don't think we have one where I'm moving!

This is the salon that I LOVE. You get the full salon experience with hand massages, etc. It's quite pricey, but I always leave happy!

I always see this men's wear shop, and think it's so cute, like a quaint little shop you might find in England.

This was me waiting for the bus home.

Really poor quality photos taken through the bus window (it was quite dreary out today) of two of my university's buildings.

It was freezing rain today, so the roads were literally covered in so much ice!

Anyways, that is all for today. You can see my youtube video of the mini haul I did today here. I'll probably put larger posts on youtube and share them here! Anyways, talk to you tomorrow!


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