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Loves: The Body Shop's Coconut Body Scrub

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking about The Body Shop's Coconut Body Scrub! The first time I used this scrub, I was unimpressed. It was very moisturizing but I didn't expect there to be so much leftover grit on your body. Therefore I put it on my shelf and forgot about until just recently when I pulled it back out to try it again, and I have to say that I love it!


This scrub, like I said above, has tons of scrubbies in it. After I get out of the shower after washing my body, I will spend about 15 mins thoroughly scrubbing in the cream all over my body. I don't use it on my face as I have face scrubs for that and am not sure if this would end up breaking me out! I find the process extremely relaxing, and the scrubby bits take off every last layer of dead skin cells on my body and leaves my body feeling smoother than it has ever felt and super moisturized. I am not the fondest of the smell, which although okay, does turn me off a bit. However, the moisturizer itself works so well and leaves my skin feeling so amazing that it isn't that big of a negative. One other con, is that it does leaves tons of grit all over your body, and feels like you've been laying around in the sand for awhile. However, I just wipe with a towel on my body and the grit comes right off and doesn't stick.

Overall, I am in LOVE with this product, and it is currently on sale for $10 at!

I highly recommend trying this scrub! It will definitely continue to be part of my regular pampering as I find it so relaxing and leaves me feeling smooth and moisturized all over!

Have you tried this scrub from The Body Shop or any of their other cream body scrubs? I'd love to try some more!



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  1. I'm quite tempted by this as I love the smell of coconut. I currently have the Mango body scrub from The Body Shop which I love so I might pick this up once I've used the mango one up.