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Fall 2014 Wishlist: H&M

Hello Everyone! Today I thought I would write a post on what I am currently lusting after at H&M this season. As fall is rolling in, and as I am realizing that quite a bit of my clothes no longer fit as I have lost some weight over the past year, I have been spending a lot of time at the mall trying to re-stock my wardrobe. I have already done quite a bit of shopping and hope to post a few hauls soon (I get home too late to have natural sunlight for photos, so I'm waiting on a good photo taking day), but for now, here is what I am lusting after from H&M!

1. H&M Black Combat Boots $39.95; 2. H&M Hooded Sweater in Black $24.95; 3. H&M Plaid Cotton Shirt $29.95; 4. H&M Long Sleeve Jersey Top $14.95.
1. Since fall of last year, I have been trying to find the perfect pair of combat boots that if purchased, wouldn't drain my bank account. And I believe I have found just that. When I went into H&M a couple weeks back, I instantly fell in love with this pair, and when I looked at the price tag, I fell even more in love. Combat boots are the perfect fall boot, and will keep my feet and ankles warm in the cool Canadian fall air, and will last me into the beginning of winter, before the 4-5 foot snow banks arrive. They are trendy, can go with about any outfit, and the price tag is perfect for those of us who can't afford a pair of Doc Martens.
2. This is a pretty basic and rather boring item, but I need a simple black hoodie. There are so many times when I put on an outfit and wish I had a black hoodie to throw over top. Immediately I wish I could run to American Apparel and grab all of their unisex hoodies off the shelf, but that would only result in an empty bank account. These look almost identical to the AA ones, but the price tag is much more reasonable. I am specifically lusting over a black one, but will probably grab a few in other colours as well while I'm there.
3. Plaid shirts are all the rave right now for fall, and when I saw this in store, I fell in love. It feels absolutely cozy as can be, and I love the colour. It would be perfect to throw on over a plain white tee with a pair of American Eagle sky high jeggings (this pair that I own would look perfect in this ensemble) or to tie around my waist. I don't own very much plaid, and don't wear it very often, but I am totally in love with this shirt.
4. As much as I love sweaters, sometimes I get bored of wearing the same sweaters over and over during the fall & winter, and in Canada, you won't catch me dead in fall or winter in just a tee shirt. Therefore, I have been looking for the perfect loose long sleeve tee, and have had my eyes set on these basic long sleeve jersey shirts. I could pair these with a simple necklace and a pair of light wash skinnies or boyfriend jeans for a casual, everyday look, or pair them with a pair of leather leggings and a statement necklace for a night out.
Well, that's all for what I'm currently lusting after at H&M and let me know if you would like me to do more fashion/style related posts, as I haven't delved into that area much as of yet, and love shopping as much as the next girl!
Hoping you are all having a fabulous day, and let me know in the comments what you're currently lusting after for fall!


  1. all those drapey tops look SO comfy

    1. I have some of the tshirts and they're a dream! And very good quality for the price!