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Winter Nail Polishes

Hello everyone!

So first, sorry for missing yesterday, I just had a down day and so put aside blogging for day. Second, I had really wanted to make this post into a youtube video, but as it turns out, my webcam is broken. I am really disappointed, but I thought I would share my winter nail polishes nonetheless since Spring is just around the corner, so once March hits I'll be completely revamping my nail polish choices!
 Here is all of them together. I have one Revlon, one OPI, one Urban Outfitters, three Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, seven Essie colours, my Borghese Quick Dry Top Coat, and my Essie Millionails. All the details will be down below with the other pictures, and then I will link to individual nail polishes at the very bottom of the post!
Left to Right: Revlon in 925 Gold Coin; OPI in No Room For The Blues; Urban Outfitters in Chilly (one of my favourites, it has a thick consistency and so you can swipe one coat of it on, and wear it on it's own); Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 270 Racy Rouge; 280 Rapid Red; Freeze. (I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and I wish they had more colours that I wanted! You're nails are done in ten minutes top, and all you need is one coat, and the larger brush makes for even faster and better application.)
Starting off my Essie's is 016 Waltz (I was actually quite disappointed, I wanted a really nice white colour for winter, but the formula of this nail polish is too liquidy, so it doesn't look super great when you've applied it, even after several coats); 696 Merino Cool; 608 In Stitches (both Merino Cool and In Stitches are also good Spring colours, so they will probably stick with me for another season!); 942 Penny Talk; 254 Raisinnuts; 400. 
 Next to Raisinnuts is 400 Bahama Mama (by far my favourite Essie colour thus far - goes on brilliantly, and the colour is amazing, you MUST get your hands on this colour; 784 Aruba Blue.
 Then my Borghese Presto Fast Dry Coat, which is amazing, and dries really quickly; and my Essie Millionails, which I use fairly often, and yet haven't gone through much it seems - it really strengthens your nails and prevents chipping, peeling, and breaking which are all huge problems of mine... I give all of my probs to this little guy for enabling me to grow my nails after I stopped biting them!
Sorry for the cruddy picture quality, I really wish I could have filmed these today, so definitely check out the colours online!
Here are links to the colours:
1. Revlon
2. OPI
4. Essie
Anyways, that's all for now, and I hope you enjoyed this little look into my nail polish collection!
[Note: Blogger was not working earlier, and I had the biggest headache making this post. Also, figured out how to make the images bigger, maybe I'll tackle side by side next?]


  1. What a great collection! Jealous of all your essie polishes. I can't wait to try In Stitches - it looks so pretty!

  2. Thanks so much! If you live in Canada, check out, you can get great deals on Essie nail polishes!