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2 Minute Romantic/Casual Hairstyle of the Day

Hello everyone! So, I did my hair this morning, and I know I'm a sucker for easy and quick hairstyles, so I thought I would share my hair of the day, which literally took me two minutes to do! If you would like a video tutorial, just leave a comment letting me know!

Oops left out hair fail...


1. Turn on your curling iron/straightener, whichever you prefer to curl your hair. I used my straightener. This allows for you to grab it as soon as you're done the bun and curl right away.

2. Separate a small section of your fringe on either side of your face.

3. Tie the remaining bit of your hair in a hair tie in a low ponytail.

4. Braid the hair in the pony tail.

5. Twist braid around hair tie and secure braid with bobby pins.

6. Grab your curling iron/straightener, and create loose curls with your fringe.

And voila! You have a quick and easy 2 minute romantic/casual hairstyle!

Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know in the comments if you like these sorts of posts, and if you like me to create a video tutorial for this hairstyle!



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  2. pretty cool! thanks a lot for the ideas, I'll go get my karmin g3 clipless and do just that!