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Introduction + Favourites

Hello! This is my first blog post, so I figured I would give a bit of a quick introduction, plus include a few of my favourite beauty products at the moment. My name is Ally and this is a picture of me.

Sorry for the poor quality. I am moving on Sunday and all I currently have is my phone camera. I just finished my bachelor's degree at university (really, I just finished my last exam this past Monday) and will be moving close to Toronto and spending 8 months working and figuring out what I want to do with my life. So, since I will have all sorts of time on my hands, I figured I would start blogging about what I love. This includes a whole range of things, but mostly I will be blogging about my daily life, including outfits of the day, makeup, fashion, etc.
Anyways, I suppose it's on to the good stuff. Here are a few of my favourite makeup products at the moment!
You can hardly see it but first is my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (100 Ivory). I started using this because a lot of people were raving about it, and I must say it definitely lived up to it's reputation. It makes my skin flawless, has a sort of natural yet medium coverage and blends really well. Next is my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder (005 Silky Beige), which I yet again tried because of the amount of people I heard raving about it. It's perfect on top of foundation, but also covers really nicely on it's own, and covers my pores quite well. Next it's my Annabelle Biggy Bronzer . I haven't been too keen on bronzer in the past, but this one is really nice. And next my Annabelle blush (all I can find for the colour is "48"). I love dark colours on my cheeks in the winter rather than the light pink shades I tend to go for in the summertime. It's really pigmented and looks really good with my skin tone. Next is this Rimmel London eye shadow pallet (003 Crown Jewel). I have been using the purple colour a lot because my eyes have slowly transition from a blue/gray to green and I started noticing that purple shades started looking a lot better than brown shades. I also love using the silver tone at the bottom. I love it because it's really pigmented and I find drugstore brand eye shadows have horrible pigmentation. Next on to my Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes mascara, with both an upper lash and lower lash brush. I love the way it completely separates my lashes and doesn't get clumpy. And the lower lash brush makes your lower lashes look perfect. And then winter has been my time to try bright red lips, and I love these two products. First is the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer (400 Big Bang). It's like a lip gloss but it's quite sticky, and the colour stays really well. And then finally the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Intense lipstick (297 Red Passion). I love the colour. It's about the same as the Apocalips but less glossy for those days I'd rather go matte.
Here is the L'Oreal lipstick.
And here is a poor lighting picture of the apocalips (sorry!).

Next, here are some of my favourite bath products. First, we have some tooth floss. I have rarely ever flossed, but since finding these, I actually love flossing! Makes flossing not quite a chore. Then we have my Soap and Glory Foam Call Body wash. It's peppermint scented and you need very little to get the job done. It smells amazing, and makes your skin feel really soft! Then my Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo (and conditioner, but I am currently using Tresemme in it's place!). Leaves you're hair feeling really silky smooth and workable, but I don't recommend it if you have oily hair, as it weighs your hair down a bit. And then my Clean and Clear Daily Pore Cleanser. I'm not sure how to describe this product, other than the fact that I have been using it for 4 years now, and makes your face instantly look so much healthier. Definitely a keeper!

And then some beauty products. The first is my hydraluron moisturizer. You're not supposed to use is in place of you're regular moisturizer, but my skin only gets a bit dry in the winter so this really does the trick. It instantly makes your face look amazing. The next two are from The Body Shop, and are their peppermint intensive foots treatments. One is a moisturizer and the second is the pumice foot scrub. I usually use the foot scrub when taking a bath, and then put on the moisturizer right after. They smell amazing! And then The Body Shop Vanilla Mist, which I love wearing. I am a HUGE fan of vanilla scents and this one is amazing. Next is Julep Sea Salt Texturing Spray. I love it for when I'm wearing my hair wavy or just messy. I don't need to do much to my hair so spraying some of this in right after I wake up makes my hair look great. Finally is the Rimmel Makeup Remover. I bought this mainly because it was $3 and I thought, might as well, it's only $3. But it's AWESOME. It's not oily at all, and removes all of my makeup.

For whatever reason this picture won't turn the right way around. Anyways, these are my favourite hair supplies as of late. I am loving the bow and scrunchy trend right now, and this light pink bow was actually hand made by a student at my university. The three scrunchies are from American Apparel and my three headbands are from Urban Outfitters!

Next is this Conair hair curling wand. Honestly the best thing to ever happen to my hair, to be completely honest. I've always tried curling my hair for hours and never getting what I want. This does the trick.

Next are some candles :) I got the first one from Urban Outfitters, the scent is Vanilla and Oakmoss, and again it's just a vanilla-ey scent which I love :) Only problem I've had, is that the candles burn really fast, so I've been using it sparingly so it will last! Next is the Cinnamon Frosting Candles from Bath and Body works. I bought a mini one because it smelt good, but I was afraid I wouldn't like it. Boy, was I wrong. It makes your bedroom smell like a cinnamon bun factory and is just amazing. The last is Lavender and Vanilla from Bath and Body works, my two favourite scents mixed into one. Will have to make a trip back and buy the even larger one, because I burn it all the time!

Last but not least, is this book. How to Be Interesting. Although I've done some cool stuff, I've had some issues that have gotten in the way of me doing more with my life. And I definitely think this book will help me become more "interesting". I will hopefully be including the adventures I encounter using this book in my blog, which should be super fun! I'm including an example from the first section of the book below.

Anyways, that is all for now, but hopefully I will be updated this daily! Unfortunately you'll have to deal with the poor quality of my phone camera for now. Hope you enjoyed this!


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