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Christmas favourites + unfavourites

Hello, I really did mean to keep this blog updated everyday but it's the holidays, and I didn't bring my own laptop to my boyfriend's parents place. However, on this very late Christmas day/very early Boxing day, I thought I would share a few of the things I love and dislike about Christmas.

LIKE: The booze
LIKE: All the food (home cooked meals > the college diet I've been eating for 4 1/2 years.
DISLIKE: weight gain
LIKE: I know, this is materialistic but... who doesn't love receiving presents?!
DISLIKE: Christmas music. If it's not Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree or Feliz Navidad, it will probably feel like torture for me to listen to it.
LIKE: Boxing day sales
LIKE: Family times
LIKE: Time off
DISLIKE: I got 99 problems and an empty bank account is one.

Anyways, I hope to post again soon and I wil definitely be posting pictures from this week once ot's over! Follow me on instagram for more activity:

Bye! And Happy Holidays! Hope Santa spoiled you.


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